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Japanese Budo spreads in the world

Let's enjoy training!

We welcome beginners and visitors irrespective of your age or your sex. With enjoyable AIKIDO training, let’s build-up mentally and physically and communicate with friends, etc!


AIKIDO is a Japanese traditional martial art, founded by Morihei Ueshiba. Its movement is very natural seems like stream of the air. Irrespective of your age or your gender, you can learn AIKIDO reasonably and easily according to individual ability and physical strength. Invigoration after training is also exceptional.(The first half of 2 hors is for beginners' class and second half is for experienced people to improve their techniques.)
AIKIDO is now spreading among countries in the world, and a population of AIKIDO is said to be about 1,500,000 people, and is performed briskly in almost all the cities in the world. Moreover, a large number of the related groups of this club are in various places.
The Yokohama International Aikido Club was inaugurated in 1997 and now we are about 50 members including many female members. An age group is 7 years old - 55 years old. The Tahiti Aikido summer seminar in September 2002 and the Saipan training camp in April, 2003, were carried out and many training camps, seminars and joint trainings will be planed inside and outside of Japan.
Let’s practice mentally and physically through training of AIKIDO bring out your potential ability. Have a life not only wealthy but also full of dreams and impression!

and Time&day

We have 2 dojo in Yokohama.◆
KISHINE dojo (Kanagawa Pref. Budo Hall)
   Yokohama subway blue-line "KISHINE-KOEN" station (Exit "1" & 3 minutes on foot)
Every Sunday 18:30-20:30
  First half: for the beginner's class / Latter half: for the senior class (The beginner can also participate).
Every Thursday 19:00-20:30(Free lesson mix the beginner & senior)
  sometimes, to change to Wednesday etc. (*1)

NITTA dojo (NITTA district center)
   Yokohama Subway blue-line "NIPPA" station (from the exit to the north straight about 7 minutes on foot)
Every Monday 19:00-20:30(2nd Monday and the holiday are closed)
Saturday (*1) 18:30-20:30(Occasional closed on Saturday)
  Practice with Ikeda 5th Dan. (Sometimes Mimuro SENSEI teaches)

KANNAI dojo (YOKOHAMA Budo Hall)
   We plan to open in 6th/January, 2021
   JR Negishi-line "KANNAI" station (Exit to the south, about 9 minutes on foot)
Every Wednesday 20:00-21:30night time

(*1)Please confirm schedule of each dojo by the calendar.
Age We make the training in adult children jointly. Children up to about elementary school lower grades (6-7 yrs.), there is a risk of accident in the careless behavior when not looking. So, we'd like to the parent's monitoring and indication role (can be from seat).
Club fee ・Admission fee: 2,000 yen(If you want to join us in the family, entrance fee is only for 1 person.)

・Monthly fee: 3,000 yen (Student: 2,000 yen) / integrated monthly fee (of all gym participation): 5,000 yen

・The visitor and the experience practice: 500 yen/once (The admission fee is free)
 (It is good in clothes such as sportswears. Please take a rest freely privately.)

・Observe: free of charge (don't eating and drinking, please)
promotion examinations The biannual examination (about May-June, December-November). Check with the calender.
The basis of the promotion is regulations of "Aikikai Foundation headquarters dojo".
It is guided that the 1st dan grade can be acquired about three years from the beginner only by the practice in our club.
Adviser "Aikikai Foundation"Headquarters dojo
Masatoshi Yasuno SENSEI (8th Dan)
SHIHAN Atsushi Mimuro
・Kanagawa Prefecture aikido league member of councilor
・Aikido 7th Dan ( 2014/1/12 "Aikikai Foundation" No.651 )
・Mimuro has been trained for more than 20 years under Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan(Master) of AIKIKAI Foundation HQ since he was a student of AIKIDO club of Meiji University. For 2 and half years from 1991 Mimuro was working in the Tahiti (French Polynesia) and instructed AIKIDO.
・The Yokohama international Aikido Club was established in September, 1997.
・from June 2008, Start teaching Aikido in Japan and overseas.
・from August 2014, Start teaching Aikido in the Netherlands.
・Born in November 1954.
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