Our Introduce, Yokohama International Aikido Club

This page is placed so that you can find our association by searching.

For those of you who have found this page by chance, please allow us to give you a little bit of information about our organization.

There are many Aikido dojos in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Yokohama City.
We don't mind which dojo you attend as long as it is affiliated with the Aikikai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

From the sound of the word "Aikido", some people may imagine a place of intense training and training that unifies the mind.
However, our club main focus is to continue practicing.

You may be late or leave work early due to work or school commitments. Or maybe there are times when you're tired and don't want to do anything.
In times like these, it is important to not push yourself too hard and to continue practicing, even if you have to take days off or be absent for a while.

When we practice at our club, our motto can be summed up in one word: "Have fun practicing."
We would like you to experience the joy of moving your body through a practice setting that is different from everyday life, and through interaction with people of all ages and genders.

*However, the minimum required etiquette when engaging in martial arts and proper behavior both inside and outside the dojo must be observed to prevent injuries.

Aikido training provides tips for controlling your own body and that of your opponent. How can we move naturally without forcing ourself?
In addition, in order for people to understand the fun of Aikido, it is important to understand the mysterious feeling that can be felt when practicing Aikido over and over again.
Even without using any muscle or arm strength, my body somehow collapses and is comfortably pinned down on the tatami mat.
We think it is important for people to become aware of and take an interest in the mysterious structure of the human body.

Please search the Internet and Youtube for "Aikido Seigo Yamaguchi."
A dignified posture in the dojo. A number of quick and sharp techniques performed with relaxed movements.
You will be able to see many articles and videos of the now deceased former Headquarters Dojo master Seigo Yamaguchi.

Our association is a dojo headed by Atsushi Mimuro, a former member of Meiji University's Ikuta Aikido Club, who was also a direct student of the late Shihan Yamaguchi.
For more than 40 years, Mimuro have practiced the Aikido tradition practiced by Yamaguchi Shihan over and over again.

If you are interested in our association, "Yokohama International Aikido-kai,'' please come and visit us, even if just for a tour.
You can see the regular practice at our club on the page such as "Rehearsal Scenes".
For practice schedules and other information, please see the "Welcome" page.

Thank you for your reading.

Yokohama International Aikido Club

TAG Aikido for women, Aikido for beginners, Yokohama Aikido
Aikido for women, Aikido for beginners, Yokohama Aikido